Pursuit of Excellence® is the National Funeral Directors Association's international award program that recognizes exceptional funeral homes for the development of outstanding programs and services, a commitment to going beyond the expectations of the families and communities they serve and adherence to high ethical standards. The program sets the standard for excellence in the profession, and its criteria serve as a framework for quality throughout all aspects of a funeral home's business.

  • Our Mt. Morris location has received the award 26 times.
  • The Vassar and Fairgrove locations have each received the award 16 times.

Cumulatively, those 48 awards place us as the top recipient in the state of Michigan and second in the United States!

All of our funeral homes have been inducted into the Pursuit of Excellence Hall of Excellence. A funeral home is admitted when they have received the award 10+ times. In total, there are less than 100 funeral homes in the US that are in the Hall of Excellence and all three of ours are.

The Mt. Morris funeral home received special recognition at the 2010 NFDA National Convention in New Orleans this past October for being only 1 of 6 funeral homes in the country to receive the award over twenty times.

“Many in Michigan do not realize there are no continuing educational requirements for funeral homes or funeral directors,” declares Adam Martin, “and as such, it is possible, for someone to have passed the licensing exam ten, twenty, thirty years ago or even longer, and not pursued a course of constant improvement. That is not our philosophy and this is why the Pursuit of Excellence award, is so important to us.”