We have always sought excellence, in facilities, services, and within our staff members. This focus leads us to adopt the mindset of lifelong learners. In the words of Brian Tracy, “the most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.”

Our continued professional development is paramount, and so each of us does what we can to be the best we can in our chosen field.

  • Attending National and regional conventions, including the National Funeral Directors Association, The Michigan Funeral Directors Association, the Order of the Golden Rule, and other leading professional organizations.
  • Attending Teleconferences
  • Reading trade magazines & journals
  • Participating in online Webinars
  • In-House Training
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Staff Meetings

Our reason for belonging to these groups, and participating in ongoing activities is simple. We want to push against the status quo.

As there are currently no continuing education requirements in Michigan, there exists no expectation of bettering ourselves professionally. Unfortunately, many funeral directors put forth minimal effort to better themselves once licensed.  Honestly, this is not our philosophy. We always strive to lead the field, to be the best we can be, to give our families an experience of “excellence.”

Currently our staff members hold the following designations:

Adam Miles Martin

  • CFSP, Certified Funeral Service Practitioner
  • CMFP, Certified Michigan Funeral Practitioner
  • CPC, Certified Preplanning Consultant
  • MAPP, Michigan Advance Planning Professional

Miles T. Martin

  • CFSP, Certified Funeral Service Practitioner

Tom Merritt

  • CCSP, Certified Cremation Services Provider 
  • CCO, Certified Crematory Operator