At Martin Funeral, Cremation & Tribute Services we give families a wide variety of ways to tailor their funeral or memorial service in ways that would best represent a life well lived to honor your loved one. Below are some unique service options to help the grieving process and give your loved one the best send off possible.

Walk of Life

Memory tables, framed photos, scrapbooks and mementos. Was dad a collector? Did mom have a hobby? Displaying items that reflect your loved one’s interests, occupation, hobbies and family are great ways to share the unique story of your loved one with all of those who attend the service.

Guest Keepsakes

Remembering a life lived in a meaningful manner is an essential part of the grieving process. ​With your photographs you can tell the story of their life in a way which will remain a treasured family keepsake for years to come. Each keepsake we offer is personalized by our in-house Graphic Designer, allowing these pieces to be a first-hand treasure kept through the years or given as a gift. Some of the unique keepsakes offered are: candles, laminated obituaries, magnets, buttons, key chains, DVDs and large 15" x  20" images. We also offer memorial bears that are made from your loved one's clothing.

Funeral Urn Ark

The Funeral Urn Ark helps to bridge the gap between cremation and a traditional service. This furniture quality carrier allows for a dignified and beautiful presentation of an urn or cremation memorial. It also allows for family and friends to serve as bearers when going from the funeral home to a church or cemetery.


Thumbies are made from the unique finger, foot or hand prints of those we hold dear; from a two-dimensional ink or biometric scanned print. We partner with Meadow Hill’s artisans to create a three-dimensional wax that is then cast in metal using the ancient art of lost wax casting. Polished and engraved, perhaps embellished with a stone or chain, these one of a kind keepsakes keep us coming back to the stories that connect us to the people we love.